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The New 52

The New 52 is a weekly series conceived by HipNott Records/Doxside Music Group emcee MidaZ the BEAST that will run the entire course of 2014. Taking its name from DC Comics' revamp and relaunch of their superhero books, each installment of The New 52 features a new or rare song from Doxside Music Group artists paired with an original illustration from DMG comic book artist Gift Revolver or Benjamin Goraj.


released January 2, 2014



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Track Name: MidaZ The BEAST - Hat Trick
Verbal jousting
40 ouncing
counting stacks up
its murder Monday money
contenders pull they slacks up
im seemless like certain shirts
midaz is a stain where no detergent works
I heard ya verse
It couldn’t be worded worse
Karate kid
Robbing maseratis
With the shotty hid
I don’t walk in puddles using losers as a body bridge
Amish crib
direct line to barack
Phone in a cake glass
Secure I still answer in Jamaican accent
I never been a hockey fan
So when I pull a hat trick
That mean its custom
You aint buying that shit
I’ve made it to a level where
Its so high
It start to circle round
In my current spot you’ll see the devil there
Work the town
With words
Some doom special herbs beats
Got these herbs beat
They weak blood vessel nerves leak
Squeeze they pussy blackhead
No referencing a pimple
I mean my man hands and they temples
No disrespect
Fuck ya trans am
Lets transact
Watch me transition
Transplant you
You translucent
I transform
Or you transform
How was you born
Stay over there
Ain’t no polar bear with colder stares
Studio equipped
With leather chevy nova chairs
Im snapping
And theres no concern for photo glare
Still take ya lady
Rocking the gear from koko ware
Allah sees all
I see a fraction
Rhymes wrote to old love songs of toni Braxton
Unbreak my heart
And breaking it’s the idea
When im near
I sneer
The crib is ikea
Its my year dear
So say the chinese
We celebrate with marathons of me, myself and Irene
Wish on a star
Dance on a star
Michael irving kyrie
Practicing tai chi
Drinking chai tea
Its me you niggas know me
Don’t act funny style
Ok you getting money now but
I still will put that fire to you
You dont comprehend what it feels like
To have a style so desired do you
Its voodoo
How questlove orchestrate it?
I don’t spread nothing but love
But most often hated
Track Name: IMAKEMADBEATS X MIDAZ THE BEAST are BlakOut - When It Was Cold Outside
we met when it was cold outside
the summer couldnt show up
cause the sun ain't wanna show up
so the groundhog hides
there was lights in the trees still
and magic in the moment
through the deep chill
enough to make the impossible seem real

my hand was in my pockets
my shoulders slightly slumped
my flask was looking for a refill

seeing you was an accident this wednesday
you’ll never meet a woman with your eyes low
my friends say
consult my sensai
he say
come out them timbs J
shave face
thats how you save face till games are in play
commute from work on the train
wondering if snowfall is planning to evolve from the rain
theres something to be said about
showing off the best you
you don’t know if the bird inside you flies unless you let him out
so i adjusted my posture
put a smile on
and noticed you who should be added to my roster
i approached to lock you down like rasta
my far eye could spot you’se proper
8 o’clock
you like pasta?
you joked on how i rolled up on you like a secret shopper
i'm joking back
that or we can polly with a whopper
off this talk alone i'm in a noose no posdu
love at first sight
i'm thanking Jesus for this christmas present
he presented
next years a wash
you can’t top her

ours a true love story told beautifully
beyonce, jay, kim, kanye
they ain’t you and me
cause you and me been you and me since 2pm that wednesday
when afterwards you only ordered salad at carrabbas
we spoke of future conquests
i told u next to you i see no contest
one day we’ll have a house like ali babas
2.5 kids
white picket fence

ladies and gents i present
the culmination of time well spent
i see it like its written in print
without the missing intent
shall we begin
you smiled
said slow down
thats a lot of future planning and i'm not even sure its the way its supposed to go down
i reply follow your heart,
see what your hearts saying
she said i listen to my heart and hear a harp playing
i said me too
its like when reggie miller start jaying
or when your family prays and all of them at once amen
enslavements your accepting of the cards dealt
enjoying being beaten by a large belt
from the moment i knew and asked for Gods help
He introduced me to you
i don't think its coincidence
He’s prolly in heaven sayin don’t mention it
but please don’t mess it up
separate or injure it
and thats only an ode to times we’re living in
cause there’s nobody else id rather have my happy ending with
Track Name: MidaZ - Maria
politic poinciana pornstar
foreign car
for the squad
call the gods
asr coinstar
the crib decked
my bitch rep
in fishnets
my intellects
why kids prep
ninja steps
camera eye
little x
flesh and bone tear
lessons known here
cold stare
grab a grown bear by his nose hair
gold chair
i sit in
it was written before nas
the fugees wish they met a motherfucka before pras
my archives
is mark 5
im separating thanos from darkseid
thats kano
im resurrecting kato kaelin
sadomasochist shit with sarah palin
sinus pressure buildup’s why i brave inhalants
raise the phalanx
pave the way
wave the trey 8
a day late
to save the ya playdate
from being gangraped
hats low
this winter its black snow
this villainous mentalist
indigenist instrumentalist
ass hole
teamed with spock
you lacked control since ya cd dropped
be easy
you seen me in the cash for gold tv spot
Track Name: MidaZ The BEAST - Listen Prod. by Sharp
would you listen

most my niggas shook for living

booked in prison

40 acres and mule was promised to us

look whats givin

yeah they ears closed

so i appear old

although im young

sippin beers cold

on unclear roads straight to the sun

we didnt listen

when malcolm was explaining to us the mission

just proffessor x

not handing respect

if you change the vision

whats exchanged for guinness

our livelyhood

we drink it it kill us

but we aint concerned

we working to earn

millers that fill us

was labled as niggas

back when the man was strangling niggas

arrainging them niggas

now we shake hands and hang with them niggas

they gave us them triggers

them blickers

that penetrate our livers

we took em

never remembered

then fuck it

aimed em at niggas

whats the sense in that

most times i question the common sense of blacks

squinting at them niggas who ask me where common sense is at

when you you should know

instead you quote me the rising price of blow

ice and clothes

but if you listen you sure to grow

i'm hardly better

i barely listened

was clearly missing

not only the top prize

but a piece to share in the winnings

i cared yeah

and then moms said my caring was injured

what you too hard for getting a job wearing suspenders

motherfucking right

probably the reason my futures nothing bright

trying to play the bigger man to listeners

cuffing mics

practice what i preach well thats odd ock

im armed cocked

the same contradictions as nas got

and tupac

explain them

no its not true that people can change skin

how he wrote dear mama and same hoes with the same pen

i dont know

and i dont condone

but i feel him tho

he was trying teach sometimes

sometimes hed feel a hoe

your goals to separate

the featherweight from the hard hitting

the heavy chest shit

thats breast milk for the lost kittens

i just try to pay attention when theres positive thoughts in it

and walk with it

theres enough to spread if we'd all listen